Payroll solutions for your growing business

  • Deep Industry Knowledge
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • World-Class Service & Support
  • Trusted Source

We offer payroll solutions for small to medium-sized businesses through Alpha Payroll Services. Our clients know they can rely on Alpha Payroll Services for accurate and timely payroll processing the first time and every time. Whether you are a business owner, a payroll manager, an accounting professional with payroll processing needs, or you’re simply looking for an alternative payroll company for your business, we have a comprehensive and affordable solution for you. While other payroll companies forget about your payroll account once you sign up, at Alpha Payroll Services you’ll enjoy worry-free service and support at affordable prices. We’re known as one of the most dynamic and service-oriented nationwide payroll companies, with a strong corporate presence in Philadelphia, New York, NJ, Dallas and Sacramento. Please click here to learn more about Alpha Payroll Services.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Alpha Payroll Services’ team members have over 50 years of combined payroll experience. Most of our payroll solution professionals and processing specialists have worked in the payroll industry their entire careers and are well-versed in the latest technologies and workflow processes.

Our dedicated Payroll research team will determine the best course of action when designing payroll solutions for your business. Our Payroll and HR products have been developed through years of quantitative research and analytics, and are designed to pinpoint the solution that works best for your business.

Alpha Payroll Services is a valued resource for leading industry payroll publications and organizations, providing comprehensive training, thought leadership and relevant content to assist businesses with their payroll and HR solutions.  Payroll processing is something that we understand, both inside and out.

Cutting Edge Technology

With Alpha Payroll Services you can expect us to employ the latest in advanced payroll technology for your business. Our easy-to-use single sign-on portal enables your staff to easily review the status of your payroll account.

At Alpha Payroll, we developed our systems on a .Net platform utilizing SQL database technology. This ensures a safe, secure experience for processing your employee’s payroll. Additionally all our technology is cloud-based, meaning an added level of security and no servers or infrastructure are required on your premises to process payroll.

World Class Service & Support

At Alpha Payroll Services we use the hybrid service model for handling your account. You will work with a main point of contact on an everyday basis, but your account will be backed by our fully staffed team of payroll specialists and processors.

Alpha Payroll Services provides your business with superior service and support. A Zero Hold Time policy ensures you’re never placed on hold or deposited into an annoying voice mail queue. After you come onboard and process with us, our payroll specialists will reach out with friendly welcome calls to ensure everything is running smoothly. We believe in proactively developing processes and procedures designed to make your Alpha Payroll experience positive and seamless.

With our corporate offices that perform payroll processing in Philadelphia, New York, NJ, Dallas and Sacramento, our service model is second to none.

Trusted Source

For the past 12 years, Alpha Card Services has been considered the trusted source for thousands of merchants with payment and transaction processing. With Alpha Payroll part of the Alpha Card Services family, this trusted promise extends to our payroll processing solutions. As with all our services, Alpha Payroll ensures your business payroll account is handled with top-level security and encryption standards.

We also believe that solid Payroll industry accreditation is relevant to our efforts in delivering credible and trusted payroll solutions to our customers. Alpha Payroll Services is a registered member of the American Payroll Association (APA) and the Independent Payroll Processors Association (IPPA).