As a restaurant, retail or salon owner you can’t be at every place simultaneously. Owning an operating a business is a 24/7 process, and you need to depend on a system that can help you efficiently manage it all. This is where a Merchants Services Mobile POS system can make your job easier. Our POS system will enable you to perform order processing, inventory management, purchasing and vendor management, reviewing sales, profitability, best/worst selling items, payroll and more.

Support & Service

Merchants Services Mobile’s POS Systems have been developed with leading edge POS technology and maintained by superior customer service and technical support not found elsewhere. For optional tiered support plans that include around-the-clock phone support, backups and menu revisions, and any other questions please contact us here.


At Merchant Services Mobile, we understand that purchasing a POS system for your business is a large investment. You want to be certain that your purchase is backed and installed by a team of qualified installation technicians. Merchants Services Mobile is staffed to support your purchase with a team of technicians to complete all aspects of installation.