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  • 24 Hour Pre-Approval
  • No collateral or personal guarantee
  • Cash within 7 days

As a business owner you probably understand how an unexpected emergency or natural disaster can derail your business at any time. Hurricane Sandy was the perfect example of a devastating storm which severely disrupted millions of businesses for weeks along the U.S. East Coast. Even with insurance payouts and federal government relief efforts, many of these businesses are still struggling to survive.

Whether you’re faced with an unforeseen emergency, considering purchasing new equipment, or looking to renovate your location, Pinnacle Merchant Advance is here to help your business get back on its feet, and ultimately to grow and thrive in today’s challenging environment. We’re offering cash advances at all-time lows, and can provide you with immediate merchant funding to transform your business.

Qualifying for a business loan in today’s economy is difficult. A typical business loan or equipment loan involves many hurdles for a small business owner, including excessive paperwork, a lengthy approval process, low approval rates, collateral and personal guarantees, fixed monthly payments and restrictions related to use of funds.

Our merchant cash advance offers a streamlined process that provides a simple application and quick, unsecured funding from $2,500 to $300,000. Unlike securing a loan, a cash advance provides an advance on future credit card receivables. We purchase an agreed upon amount of future credit card sales at a discount. We deposit working capital directly into your business bank account and collect a fixed percentage of your future credit card sales from each batch until the advance is paid in full. We offer high approval rates, minimal credit requirements and a flexible repayment process that is directly tied to the sales volume of your business. All of these features provide you with fast access to merchant funding that you can use for any business purpose.

Deal Direct

Work directly with the funding source. With Alpha Card Services, you’ll cut out the middle man, and any extra fees or delays associated with a 3rd party broker.


Since 2008 we have provided financing to hundreds of small businesses in order to help facilitate their continued growth.

Additional Funding Options

We offer both a standard and introductory program to fit your specific business needs.

Respected Partner

We are a respected partner in the merchant industry. We place a premium on ethics and integrity in everything we do.


Over 85% of qualified merchants renew their cash advance with Alpha Card Services.

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